We cook for ourselves - and are happy to invite them to our table in the evening!

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We like it uncomplicated, good and enough.
We would like to offer them a place at our table for dinner. In the style of a tavolata.

What is a tavolata?

Tavolata is Italian and means "table with friends" in english.
The special thing about a tavolata is the convivial meal at a large table where everyone helps themselves.

As Swiss, we cook across the continents.
We especially love a good piece of grilled meat, cooked tender and juicy.

We make side dishes, starters and desserts according to taste - and what the market has to offer in season.


As Marianne is affected herself, we offer gluten- and lactose-free dishes.
We can understand if you are allergic to other ingredients and are happy to accommodate this.
However, please be sure to let us know in advance so that we can discuss and adapt.

What you won't find with us:
Single tables, tables with white tissues.
And: We don't cook with tweezers!
No menu card for the dishes. We cook 1x for everyone.

Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you would like to eat with us.
As we have a verry small kitchen, we cannot always cook for all guests at the moment.

There is a charge for dinner, which will be included in the final bill at €25 per person/dinner.
(without drinks)

We do not cook public lunches. We are not allowed. We are not a hotel.