The two guys, René and Marianne:

 Mary et Rene in the country of Meix Gagnard

 Mary et Rene in the country of Meix Gagnard

"immer eppis am tue" is how we say it in Swiss German.
We didn't want to fill our stage of life after the job with boredom in a flat......
And we love this generous landscape, with its many hills and roads. This relaxing area that is sometimes almost a little human-less.
As lovers of motorised society, our hearts open when we hear the throb of an engine.
We bought this guesthouse knowing that the surroundings would keep us fit.
And we are happy to put this patch of earth at your disposal to enjoy the beauty here.

We thought our guests and friends could tell you something about us:

"Mary and René dared to make a new start in the summer of 2020 with a lot of courage and heart and soul, in the middle of the beautiful Burgundy.
They have a zest for action and you can feel their warmth not only in the room furnishings, but also in the great reception.
They attach great importance to a family-like approach to their guests.

Exploring the surroundings with them is great fun and you feel immediately at home. They always have an idea of how to tackle something.
This shows their drive and what they have already done with the Meix Gagnard property in Burgundy."

"Thank you for the relaxing days with you. The idyll and peace did us a lot of good.
But also the excursions together were very informative.
We would never have seen so much on our own."

"We are already looking forward to the wonderful hours with you again. Uncomplicated, Feets-on-earth and simply cosy."

"Wonderfully quiet place with beautiful and large rooms. The baguette for breakfast fresh from the bakery and the hosts are responsive to our wishes. We are very happy to come back."

"Here in Burgundy, after 2 days I feel as refreshed as if I had been on holiday for 3 months. A place to let go and recharge. Wonderful.
The Meix Gagnard is a place full of strength and energy, you feel at home immediately".