Access from central Switzerland to Mervans, Meix Gagnard

How to find us without a satellite navigator is described here.
In general, you must check what your satellite navigator is calculating before you leave.
Google always sends you onto the motorway, which in France in particular makes the journey much longer and generates costs.
Driving via Basel from the centre of Switzerland makes no sense at all and is deadly boring.
What we haven't tried is the route via Lyss.... I will report as soon as I know more.
In general there are many possibilities to travel to Meix Gagnard. You can do it however you like.
I describe below the fastest, easiest way. So far, I have only met 1 sat nav that has that has chosen this route cleanly.
I myself drive a bit differently, but it's more complicated :-) and doesn't make much difference in terms of time, but more fun!

For navis I can give the following tips:
Set the point at the customs in Valorbe and switch off the "Highway" for France.
With these 2 options, almost every navigator will find the easiest way to us without special loops.
From Zug/Hirzel/Menzingen you need about 4 hours including 3 short stops.



Take the motorway in the direction of Bern, then Lausanne.
After Yverdon, always drive in the direction of Besaçon, even after customs.

Take the expressway (all free of charge).

Leave the expressway at the 1st exit. Take exit D45/D9.

At the roundabout take the 4th exit D9. Follow the road.

At the next roundabout turn right D9 / St. Antoine.

Follow the road. In the next village:
First sign:
Lac Saint Point, straight ahead.

Intersection: straight ahead direction:
Follow the road. Always D9, pass through some villages.

The D9 changes SOMETIMES to D109, but it is not important. Always follow the road.

Censeau: Attention change of direction to the left
at the end of the village.
Champignon / O1ngliere D47
BLITZER LEFT at the end of the village.

Follow the road. Always D471.
Hamlets, villages regardless, always in the direction of Champagnole.
In the Gämslital look out for the sign "Chamois". Look. There are often chamois between the stone safety nets.
Or right next to the road. We always drive very carefully there, the chamois had frightened us on the road.
Follow the road. Always D471.

Village sign. Bridge. Roundabout.
Roundabout 4th exit / follow A39.
You will come to a dual carriageway. N5.
Watch out for speed cameras.
Follow the road. Stay on N5. Direction A9.
This A9 motorway is never used, but it is a good route finder.

Hamlets, villages, it doesn't matter, always in the direction of Poligny. Dijon. Dole. On the N5.
Suddenly it's a steep downhill around a few corners.
You come to Poligny. Always N5
In the village left A39/ "Toutes Direction"/ N5.

Always direction A39.
At the roundabout take the 3rd exit A39/ N83 leave the roundabout.
Follow the road. Always stay N5.

Next roundabout straight ahead.
Not motorway/ right !!!

Go straight on towards Lons le S./Bletterans D1083.


Next roundabout straight on. Again
Take direction Lons le S./Bletterans D1083.

Ignore 1st slip road Mantry
2. ignore Poligny slip road

3. take slip road D120 St. Germain / Bletterans away from the dual carriageway.

Turn right

Follow the road. Always stay on D120 direction Bletterans. Never A39.
Through Bletterans always straight on at every roundabout. Direction "Beaune".
Follow the road. Never turn off.
Hamlets, villages don't matter.
You drive to the larger village of St. Germain. Follow Super U signs, they are like signposts.

In "St. Germain du Bois" continue straight ahead. Direction Beaune: Slightly right.

Follow the road. Hills, valleys.
Take a slight right turn.
Follow second bend to the right. After that you will see our official sign on the right. Turn left.
After the valley, turn left on the hill.
Follow the sign "Le Meix Gagnard" and follow the road. Turn left twice.
2min, 1km, you are at your destination. Cool!!